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Updated 06 July 2020

PITT TOWN 26th July 2020

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the decision has been made that the Pitt Town event will be cancelled. See FaceBook group for more details or email contact above.

Finally, we got to get some racing in. Thanks to the Richmond club for hosting us. Also great to see a couple of new faces on the line. Results added and 2020 calendar page updated. See calendar page for the details.

Any clubs within approximately 2-3 hours of Sydney that think they might have a suitable field to hold a pylon event please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to come and have a look. We even pay your club for the use of their field and you can make extra money by feeding us brekkie and lunch on Sunday.

Till next time ... Go Fast ... Turn Left ... Don't Crash !!

Also posted the draft rules for EQ500.

Also, I am going to try a new scoring system for next year unless anyone has any major objections. Instead of 10 for 1st, I'll use 5 and then go down by one from there and everyone gets at least 1 point for showing up. We went to 10 when we had around 15 entrants in the class (we are lucky to get that many to even show up these days).

Want to see Pylon Racing from a different perspective? BulletMaster (Tony Jones) has a fantastic little camera that we fixed to the wing of Peter Kerney's Viper during 2 actual races. Videos are up on YouTube at Part-1 and Part-2. Awesome! and

Picture changed due to all the complaints!

Added a link to the EF1 Rules (on the left). Everything the same as in this document except the allowance to use 8x6 propeller.

For those that are looking to try out the pylon with electric, as well as EF-1, we are toying with the Hobby King Rare Bear (AU warehouse, check site for other locations and naked versions) as a test class. We haven't made any decision as to whether to run this as a full class or just to give a couple of rounds during the day. These planes can beat the EF-1 when setup properly and el-Presidente plans to publish a setup guide for them. Stay tuned. Get your orders in now.

About Us

Remote control aircraft racing is very popular in New South Wales Australia using "Q500" sport type air frames. Three classes exist "Q500, F400 and F3D". All classes are quite popular and we are seeing people progressing from the entry class into the national classes.

Q500 (sport pylon) is much like the 424 class in the USA and is highly contested by beginners and pro's. You must have a "stock" popular engine (.46ci max) with a 10*6 prop and the supplied non-tuned muffler and factory head shims installed. We use Standard, 4/1 Fuel (no nitro) which is supplied. The air frames have proved easy to fly and quick to replace with the ARF Sonic 500 and Great Planes Viper 500 being very popular.

F400 is an Australian formula of QM40. F400 flyer's can use any modified (.40 ci max) engine and prop. F400's provide performance without the excessive noise and cost of formulas of the past.

Championship rounds will be held in 2006 at different R/C clubs in Sydney and regional New South Wales, only a few hours drive from Sydney. Races are held about every two months in summer and monthly in winter.

Rules for NSW Q500

NSW Pylon rules are identical to the draft rules published on the AMPRA website in the "Class Rules" page, with the exception of the clause in section regarding head shims.


There was a significant amount of discussion on this topic. The NSW committee has decided that for NSW Championship events, the factory installed head shims must be installed. That is, the engine timing must be UNMODIFIED. Many factors such as engine life, tuning and reliability with no nitro fuel and performance were taken into consideration. This decision was made as this is an entry level class and once any modifications are allowed, then things gets out of hand to the detriment of the class. For National events run in NSW, head shims may be removed in line with the national and other state rules. Engine bearings and glow plugs may be replaced due to wear and tear.

Planes & Engines

The predominant engine in the Q500/Sports class is the Thunder Tiger Pro 46. See some more information on this engine here. We have seen some OS AX engines coming in lately but nothing to report.

Pretty much everyone flies the Great Planes Viper 500. Ones of these can be put together in less than 10 hours from opening the box. Flies fantastic and you can be competitive with modifications for durability all that is required. See Andy Lucketts description of the things to do to it for racing and some more on the Cowra website.

For F400 and F3D, you are on you own !!!